May. 14th, 2017

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11:27pm: Indeed! I finally got around to making a card for the occasion! I pride myself on my homemade cards, but I've been slacking on them lately. But I made one for Mum, yaaay! Although not for my little bro, who's birthday was yesterday. I thought I was going to see him at the Mother's Day Brunch at my Uncle's place but alas he's sick and wasn't able to come (sick for your birthday, that suuucks), so I called him to wish m a belated birthday. I left him a message at first since he didn't answer, he called me later though.

Sadly the weather was not very nice today, all rainy in fact when I drove over to my uncle's place it was totally bucketing down, I couldn't even hear the radio over it! Luckily, it let up but it was still pretty dreary.

However, work at the library was still pretty busy because it was Code Club day, which is a monthly computer thing that is popular with kids - there were thirty of them there this time! However, my feet were positively aching by the end of the shift. However, they're fine I don't know if this is a sign of an issue with the shoes or if I'm just adjusting to the orthodics or what? It's puzzling I tells ya! The shoes are stiffer than the ones I had before, so maybe I just need to break them in?

What else to report? Not much, which is good since it is getting late and I should be getting ready to hit the hay and since I'm at my parental units' place I need to get the couch ready to lie on :OP

Before I do that though...drumroll please...a Meme!

Sunday Stealing

:The Getting to Know You Questions:

1. What is your occupation right now? How long have you been there? I have two, three mornings a week I'm a personal carer for Mrs S, I've been working for her for nearly two and a half years now, wow! On the weekends (and a shift here and there) I work as a library assistant in Mona Vale and I've been there for...nearly two years. Niicce.

2. Favorite rock band. Ever. EVER? Man that's a tough The Corrs count as rock? If not I'm gonna say The Beatles.

3. What are you listening to right now?
A house show Mum recorded, we enjoy watching the house shows together on Sunday :O)

4. Last person you spoke to on the phone. What was it about? The little bro, about his birthday and is badly time sickness!

5. How old are you today? Or make up a question. This one bites. Can't think of another question so I'll answer this one, 33.

6. What is your favorite sport to watch on TV? Figure skating for the win!

7. What is your favorite drink? Iced water...or iced chocolate.

8. Have you ever dyed your hair? Nope, I'm too lazy to do it myself, too cheap to have it done at the hair dresser and I wouldn't want to mess it up and be stuck with it!

9. Favorite food? CHEEEEESE!

10. What is the last movie you watched? Finding Dory on DVD.

11. Favorite day of the year? Oooh, that's a toughie, I'll say Christmas, because hey it's Christmas!

12. How do you vent anger? Not well, mostly with yelling and crying. :O/

13. What was your favorite toy as a child? My imagination :OP Also my dollshouse.

14. Living arrangements? (Of course your pets count. Geez!) I live in a Granny Flat with my fish, Fishenko. :O)

15. What was the last thing that you cried about? know I can never remember, I mean I remember crying, but not what it was about.

16. Who is the friend you have had the longest? I guess it'd be Edith? But we're not so much in contact these days, so I'll say Zep. We've known each other since I was about 13! Edith too, actually, so yeah!

17. What did you do last night? Hung out online and watched house shows.

18. What are you most afraid of? Throwing up.

19. In how many areas of your country have you lived? What's your favorite? I was born in Canberra and lived with my family for five years in Dubbo, which is in the country and of course here in Sydney. And despite my feeling when we moved there I gotta say Sydney has been the best. (Although Australia's a huge place, and I've only lived on the east coast!)

20. What is your favorite flower? (Ugh. Quite the note to go out on. But hell, we steal the questions. I guess you get what you pay for.) I love red roses! :OP

Okedoke, that's my cue to exit, it's ten minutes to midnight!

Goodnight all!









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