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Birthdate:Jan 10
Well, hello it's me I'm here!
But I warn you this journal of mine isn't going to be very interesting at all. I don't do much- I don't go clubbing or drinking I like to go book-hunting!
Oh and cataloguing my tapes, they're no use to me if I don't know what's on them. ;O)
I love to write too, but I just don't like people to see it, but might as well if I'm taking this writing course.

Enjoy my insights! Or lack thereof.

Captain John Hart Mood Theme Courtsey of: [info]ninurta

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Hey Lookee! A Madness of King George Fanlisting...what fun! So I joined...

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Sweet! And here's one for Cosmo! These things are fun...

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[info]sarah531 @ [info]cap_it-Spider-Man 1 Movie piccies

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Vanessa's Wesite- Comic scans

And scans from my own collection.

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Date Created:2004-03-22
Number of Posts: 2,653

The Anonymoose is an enigma, is she crazy or is the cheese she consumes in large quanties? A lover of the Back to the Future films, The Simpsons, Robotech, Family Guy, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, King George III, Spider-Man, X-Men, airplanes and all things pertaining to Mr. Darcy AKA Colin Firth. The Anonymoose loves to read and write stories, many to do with her favourite fandoms. The Anonymoose's environment is messy and somewhat hazardous, so tread carefully.
Strengths: *Ability to absorb knowledge in an interested field at a high rate
*Is generally cheerful amongst friends and family and spreads that cheer
*Reads widely
*Can drive a manual vehicle
Weaknesses: *Has the muscle strength of a 90 year old
*Easily obsessive
*Prone to fits of anger over little things (missing a TV Program, Pyscho Boss)*Socially inept
*Cannot resist chocolate or cheese
Special Skills: *As mentioned ability to soak up knowledge of her obsession *Can generally make a decent joke that gets a laugh
*Can drive a manual car (hey this should be mentioned twice)
*Can keep all her collections generally in order
Weapons: *Her loud, shrieking voice
*Her imagination
*Her messy room
Mottos:: *"If something's hard to do, then it's not worth doing."-Homer Simpson
*"I like PIE!"-Cosmo
*"Sometimes life is just one crushing defeat after another..."-Homer Simpson
*"Oh, I brought it, bitch...I brought it, put on the table and I opened it...bitch."-Eric Cartman
*"Just gotta put my shoes on!"-Homer Simpson

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George III is Historical Love

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Harry Osborn is Crazy Love

Have I spoken to a Health Care Professional about this new obsession o' mine? The answer is No. :OD

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George and Lorraine Are Love

Woo! Being wanting to make this one for the longest time! I'd like to thank [info]__crepuscule for instructions on how to use the gradient tool and whatnot. See here for more info on that

back to the future is love
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And I got this first go!

Oh and this pretty one!

Back to the Future is Love.

And a tribute to the greatest show in the world!

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The Simpsons Are Love by [info]greenstuff_

And the other best show ever on TV!

A cool banner by [info]ashleydavie

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Family Guy is Hilarious Love

All right an Incredibles colour bar! Nice stuff.

The Incredibles are Superhero Love.
Made by [info]toxicjellybean

To Bob and Helen, the best superhero couple in the world!

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Bob and Helen are Superhero Love

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Incredible Love, Don't You Know?

See the fullsized version here!
This was like my favourite scene in the movie (I'm a romantic at heart ;O)so I made this with my own two hands! ;O)

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John Paul II, We Love You ;O)

I thought this was really sweet and I've always admired up it goes.

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Dr Sloan is Cool!

For the Diagnosis Murder lover in all of us! :O)(Come on, you know you want to watch it!)

And even though I'm not American, I couldn't pass this baby up! How long 'til the Madness ends we ask...

Days until Bush leaves office.

Designed by georgedorn and provided by Positronic Design.

Grab your own copy here.

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My fingers are crossed that this actually works because it'd be a good cause, no?

LOL! :OD This is hilarious!

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