Mar. 25th, 2017

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10:15pm: Well, at least I'm getting a good pun in, but in all seriousness this is so fucked up.

As you all know my memory sucks...and this time it's truly ruined my wallet.

I decided after watching the ice skating highlights on SBS that it was time to head to Macquarie Centre and get my skates on. So I'm driving when suddenly police car lights flash in my rearview mirror! I was surprised but thankfully had the presence of mind to pull over rather than keep driving like some of the idiots you see on RBT/ I thought maybe I was getting a random breath test, but after handing my licence over I discovered it was worse...much worse.

I had completely forgotten to register my car!

It expired last Saturday so for almost a week I've been driving around unregistered and uninsured! FUCK! How could this happen?! Why didn't I get a renewal notice?! Didn't I pay for it? (No that was my comprehensive insurance, which is a totally different thing).

The cop was very nice, but that didn't stop him from giving me a ticket for driving unregistered (although, he at least didn't give me one for being uninsured too).

A ticket for $650.

I'll type that out again for you in the back row.






That's more than I earn in a week! That's nearly three weeks worth of savings towards the stamp duty for my apartment. Two and half weeks worth of rent.

It's an absolutely ENORMOUS amount of money! On top of the actual cost of registration and the CTP Greenslip (which is $900). Add to that the parking fine from a few weeks ago...and the speeding car is swallowing money like a monster. :'O(

I don't understand why this is happening! I've always been such a good driver! Now I'm speeding, illegally parking, scraping and driving unregistered like a complete loser.

What really kills me though is that for some reason, despite the fact I changed my address for my licence, Service NSW (which includes the Road Department) had my OLD address on file. How can that be?! Although as it turned out it doesn't look like the renewal slip came to my old place because I went there on my way home (I couldn't continue on to the ice rink :O( which was the cherry on top of a completely sucky cake) and the old landlord said he hadn't seen it.

So, the damn fuckers didn't even send it!! What the fuck?! The nice cop said I could ask for a review of the fine and see if they'd waive it, but I don't hold out hope...if they wouldn't take pity on me for speeding 7 minutes before I would have been going 20kms under the speed limit, I don't see why they would for driving unregistered and uninsured.

If the review fails you can take it to court, but like that'll happen! If I end up been found guilty I'd need to pay even MORE, and no way could I stand up in court and defend myself.

And here I was thinking the day was looking good because despite having forgotten to take my lunch with me to work I found my nurse's watch! It was on the shelf in the Returns Room of the library where I put my stuff, it must have fallen out. I was so glad to see it again!

However...that watch cost $7, all pales in comparison.

And to top it all off? Because my car is more than five years old, it needs a safety check before I can register it. And absolutely no mechanic in the area is open on Sunday, there's no way I can register my car until Monday. I have no idea how I'm going to achieve it...I've got a shift at the library on Monday afternoon, so I'm not sure if catching a bus to Mrs S's and then back to the house to get the car and taking the car to my mechanic for the check will work because I'll only have 1.5 hours between Mrs S and the library. Although when I type it out like that....

On the other hand I feel like I need to get this looked at as soon as possible, apparently the check can take 15 minutes, but it all depends, it could end up been 40 minutes. If that happened in the 1.5 hours I'd be stuffed because the shift doesn't end until 6pm when the mechanic would be closed, so how would I even get my car?

So I guess on Monday morning I'll get to the mechanic's at 7:30 - Google says he opens at 8am, but who knows maybe he'll open early.

The thing is, I don't want to tell my parents about this...there's nothing they can do about it and even if they lent me money I'd have to pay it back so it's not like I'd save any money. However...Sunday night is when I usually go over there, but obviously I can't do that, even worse I can't go to church with Dad (either in the morning or the evening) because there's no way to get there by public transport (or at least not without catching two buses). But I'm a creature of habit so what am I meant to say? Although it's just occurred to me I could simply tell Dad (Mum will be away at a hotel) that my car's out of rego so I can't drive it without mentioning the supreme fuck-up that was the fine. I guess that'll have to do.

The other big disappoint is that I was supposed to see my grandparents' and little bro tomorrow morning (to thank the former for the money to go on the cruise and to finally give the latter that huge Ferrero Roche I got just after Christmas and which goes off at the end of this month), but obviously I can't drive there either. I rang the little bro to tell him my woes (he's had fines himself so he was most sympathetic) and he did offer to come and pick me up and even drive me to work, although we hadn't actually asked M and Grandpa if they were available for tomorrow so he called them up to ask, but they haven't got back to us yet, so who knows what will happen there.

Oh...and lastly, my activity tracker is still MIA, I called the library, but it wasn't in lost property, but then's hard to describe, also the shelves are magnetic so maybe it's stuck to one of them. As for the Medical Centre, they didn't answer the phone so I have no idea if it could be there. I was planning to go there tomorrow to look, but...can't do that.

Okay then...let's wrap it up here, I still have my Russian to do.











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