Mar. 22nd, 2017

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11:42pm: So in the daylight this morning the car didn't look nearly as bad as I feared, although the scratches are still most unfortunate. My poor poor car. I did actually try to use my auto paint to cover them, but I dunno how well that'll work, however, I'm in no position to spend any money fixing it, especially with the letter I got today.

Yes, when I got home from Mrs S's and the Warriewood Square and saw the envelope in the mailbox my spirits lifted! Until I picked it up and felt how light it was and then saaw it was from the Office of State Revenue.

They didn't overturn my speeding ticket! What a bag of dicks, I have sped one other time during my whole driving life (and there were no cops or cameras around soo they don't know that), it was 7 minutes before the school zone time ended and the fact that $180 is a financial burden on me (more than a shift's worth) fell on deaf ears. What a fuck-up.

Obviously, I'll have to pay it since I'm certainly not going to court to argue about it - it'd cost me even more money and time.

So yes,not the best of luck there.

However! Because my place wasn't very tidy and Mum had to go shopping for some stuff, as well as it being unseasonably warm today instead of coming over to the Granny Flat, we went to Warriewood Square where I finally found a pair of shorts suitable for work (it only took going to just about every clothing shop in the place!) and got my medication - which I hadn't been able to purchase before because my low-income card has expired so now I have to pay the full subsidised price, which is $26.

Note to self I owe Mum $150 all up now...but hey! The shorts were only $12, nice.

Right, better wrap this up and hit the hay, I've got a library shift and volunteering tomorrow so I need my zzzs!

Goodnight all!

PS Oh I almost forgot, I had the weirdest dream last night - I was on a cruise ship with my two brothers, my parents and another person I didn't know. Although shit got rather weird when Dad seemed to be drunk or something yelling at people and my brothers, the mystery person and I couldn't find our muster point during the drill.

Brain, what's your deal? LOL










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