Mar. 17th, 2017

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11:32pm: I have no idea why it's taking so long! I hope it hasn't got lost in the mail, I actually called my bank asking after it, but their computer says it's definitely been sent and I checked my address with them and it was right so... The lady I spoke to said that she could send another card out, but if the first one was to arrive on Monday I wouldn't be able to use it! And stuck waiting three to five days for the second one to come! Fuck that. I sure hope it comes on Monday, I'm not sure how much longer I can go without easy access to a bank account!

I suppose I could just go to the Mall tomorrow and withdraw like...two hundred bucks or something, but I really hate the thought of carrying that much dough around, what if I lose it?!

But today was kind of embarrassing, firstly I had to borrow some money from Mrs S so I could afford my hair cut (technically, I don't think you're meant to do that, but she assured me it'd be fine and she knew where I lived :OP) However, the hair cut was $89 so I didn't have enough for my waxing appointment. I tried to call Mum, but she didn't answer her phone and Dad's went straight to voicemail so I couldn't have either of them pay for me over the phone, so I was stuck. I actually hadn't been home since leaving at around 1pm for the hair appointment and I thought it was possible the mailman could have come by in that time, so I pushed my waxing appointment back to check that out - suffice to say no card! So I just cancelled the appointment and figured I'd just give my tweezers a good work out.

Later on Mum called though and convinced me to see if they still had an appointment open and they did, so back to Warriewood I went. It was for the best, since my other consideration was to get the waxing done after work tomorrow at the Mall (where the nearest branch of my bank is), but it's never a good idea to have the waxing done on the same day as the event you're going to.

The lady who did my eyebrows and lips was quite funny, so that was fun. :OP

I also got Mum to give me her card details so I could pay for the reunion ticket, it is tomorrow after all and I'm pretty sure it's poor form not to pay for an event before you show up to it, especially if you're not good friends with the host!

Oh! And of course I can't neglect to mention that today is St Paddy's Day! Toast the green my friends! I made cupcakes for the get-together after church - which alas I won't be able to go to - with green frosting! :OD Sadly since I gave up chocolate for Lent, I didn't have any, but here's what they look like (Mum added the green lollies on top).

And whilst I wasn't able to have chocolate, I did make the choice to have green fairy bread instead. Which is very 'Straylian, so bring it!

And now, I must be off, tomorrow looks to be a busy day! I sure hope the weather will be better than it is right now...I have to take public transport to the reunion tomorrow and I don't want to end up blown off my feet or soaked head to toe!

Oh...and hair is looking great! Except...the hairdresser cut it slightly too short, so now I'm going to have fiddle around with the sides until the grow long enough to tie back. Do'h!

But now, I say goodnight!










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