Sep. 17th, 2017

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11:19pm: Ok, I actually started this update last night, but then somehow closed my browser and by then it was quite late and I had to get to bed.

Anyway, it did auto-save it, so let's get back on it:

The reason for the subject heading? Well, exciting news! Our Aussie Skater, Brendan Kerry has just picked up a bronze medal at the Lombardia Trophy! Aaah! It's not one of the big well-known skating competitions, but important people still go there, so yaaay! How awesome is that! :O) I'm very much looking forward to seeing him at the Olympics!

Speaking of skating, I didn't end up doing any of my own today, it was rather warm and I ended up feeling pretty hot in my jeans and just generally uncomfortable, I ended up turning around and heading back home a third of the way there. I felt kind of disappointed in myself for not going - pft story of my life - I did actually think of going once I changed my clothes, but then my abdominal area decided to hurt and I just felt lazy.

I did end up going to the local shopping centre, to see about buying new sneakers, where I was surprised to discover that the sports shop has been bought out by another chain! That was quick, there was no indication they were in trouble. I think all the staff stayed which is good to know.

Anyway, they were having a 20% off sale, but alas I couldn't find a pair that really spoke to me. I thought about getting a rainbow pair but since I wear them to work I don't want them to be too over the top...or maybe I was just feeling cheap and the fact I couldn't find any under 80 bucks that weren't bright pink was what put me off. LOL.

As for today, eh, not a lot happened, I don't think I got enough sleep though because I felt really odd this morning, like...bummed out and shit. I feel better now, though, so that's a relief.

But damnit, once again I started writing on my fanfic too late, because I really have to go to bed now and I've done like...three sentences of it. :O( Perhaps I'll have to give up on my 70 books a year target, because reading stuff is interfering with my writing stuff. :OP

Anywho, time for me to go, want to keep on the right side of the zzzs!

Goodnight all!










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