May. 13th, 2017

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11:18pm: Yep! I finally got around to going ice skating today! Although they've apparently changed the session times again, luckily I still got my hour - well 50 minutes - but I'll have to keep an eye on that. I think maybe it's changed because they're having ice hockey matches at the rink now, indeed, the teams were there getting ready. They were kicking a soccer ball around outside to warm up, just like Plushy does, which made me LOL.

I also had some awesome luck when I went to the Jay Jays at the shopping centre...the had the white Pusheen t-shirt! And the beanie! Sweeeet! They only had large and extra large t-shirts left, so I got the large, which is a bit long on the arms - because it's actually a long sleeved shirt, rather than a t-shirt. Not a lot I can do about that though because the shirts don't show up on the shops website anymore. I suppose I could go hunting for a medium shirt in another Jay Jays - I think there's one in Chatswood, but I don't feel like driving all over. Also I've all ready worn the large sized one and got some chocolate on it. I can't be trusted with chocolate, I tells you. Also, oversized stuff is in these days, right? :OP

So yes, ice skating! That was fun as always! There were a lot of people with their own skates there today, which was interesting, I wonder if they've all been watching the SBS figure skating highlights too! :O)

Although, I think my skates might need sharpening soon, I didn't move as smoothily as I have been previously...only downside to all that is going to the skate shop takes aaaages. Maybe I should avail myself of the skate sharpening service at the ice rink - although it's not actually on site, you have to leave your skates there and collect them at a later date. Not sure if I want them out of my sight for that long. :OP

Anywaaay, moving along, I have to keep this entry short (again) because tomorrow is Mother's Day and the maternal side of the family is having a get-together at my Uncle Sam's place, which means I can't lounge in bed in the morning.

Not a lot to report, although my feet were sore from work today, I think it might have been my toenails - which I trimmed when I got home - at least I hope so because otherwise that means my podiatrist-designed shoes are not super comfy! At least they were only twenty bucks!

I actually did stop at the clearance shop that's on the way to the ice rink which sells Homey-Peds (which is a brand of shoe for the comfort-seeking shoe wearing), I was hoping I could get a new pair of the shoes I use to have - they were nice! - but alas no luck there.

I also remembered to buy new fish food, turns out the weird bugs in my old canister of food are weevils! Because one of the ingredients is flour. Gross. I'll have to keep an eye on the new canister too, because it has flour in it as well.

I'm also relieved that despite the weevils, Fishenko seems none the worse for wear from the flakes. He's swimming around his tank right now actually.

On that note, I better haul butt, I need to sponge my new Pusheen shirt, damn chocolate bits and then get myself to sleep.

Goodnight all!










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