Apr. 28th, 2017

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11:08pm: Yep, I've been making up a batch after last week's mix up when I thought my friend's house warming party was on! Had to eat most of those cupcakes myself, which could well explain why - according to the scale at the gym - my fat content has gone up. However...my actual weight has gone down, WTF? That doesn't even make sense...or maybe it does, fat weighs less than muscle. Still seems weird to me though.

Anyway! I gotta make the frosting before I go to bed, which is soon!

I've just remembered though that I forgot to call my other friend about coming to the house warming party! Fuuuck, it's probably too short of notice to do it now, but I guess I'll send her a text tomorrow and see if she's interested in coming.

Well, there's been some interesting developments re: the apartment situation, it would seem that we are going to buy one in the building we were originally looking at, as they've offered to sell a studio apartment that's in it at the same amount as the one in the 'Highline'. I'm still wondering if this is a good idea...I sure as Hell hope the builders aren't a bunch of shonks, I don't want to have to frig around with leaky bathrooms and whatever like Mrs S is right now (I have to come in early on Monday for this very reason, grumble grumble.) Hopefully it'll work out.

Not much else to say...although I had quite the busy day! I went to the mall after work and finally got around to buying some new gumboots, there was however a complete lack of Easter eggs, damn those things disappear so fast now! Sucks.

I also got to the gym, which I'm quite proud of since I've been slacking, plus there's probably going to be a fair bit of junk food in my weekend. :OP Plus there were still some eggs at the IGA across the road so I got some of those.

And there was also dinner at Mum and Dad's place, which the little bro also attended, Mum, Dad and the little bro had quiche while I had left over lasagna, delish! The parentals and I also watched Family Feud it was pretty hilarious as Dad kept ragging on the carry-over champion family who not only ended up winning the car, but finally getting the $10,000 Final Feud amount, LMAO. I told him I'd tell you all about this, so there you go. :OP

OK, the dishwasher which I put the beater whisks in has finally finished its washing so I gotta haul and get the frosting made! And then bed!

And uh...I'll get back to those Memes one day! :OP

Goodnight all!










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