Mar. 7th, 2017

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11:03pm: Regarding playing Russian Roulette with the parking lot across from the Library. It's got a one hour limit, but I have at various times - usually the weekend parked there for my shift - which is four hours.

And today I finally got a ticket, fuuuck. It was even more my own fault than usual because I only parked there because I was running late and thus didn't have time to park in the normal place where there's no time limit.

Although, the cost of a parking ticket seems to have gone down since the last time I got one years and years ago, back then it was 80 bucks! This one was $66 but with the 25% discount for paying it right away it went down to $49.50. Still that's like two hours of work. Shit.

Anyway! Now I don't have a cruise to recount any more I'm not sure what else to say! Except did I ever mention that I found my anti-chafing stick thing? Turned out it didn't fall out of my bag in the parking lot near the psychiatrist's office, instead it fell out here in my bedroom! So when I was unpacking two weeks ago, I found it! Hooray!

So, I need to get to bed but I'm caught up in I Shouldn't Be Alive, I really want to know how the guy gets himself out of this, he's trapped under a quad bike and coyotes are coming for him. O.o Luckily, he seems able to scare them away, but he's been out there for like 3 days.

Quad bikes suck.

But not much else to report, I did do some cleaning and ironing today so the place should be ready for Mum's inspection tomorrow afternoon. :OP Meanwhile, I'm still waiting to hear if I'm going to get together with some friends tomorrow evening. I hope so because one of them is going back overseas on Thursday, this will be my last chance to see her for a long time.

And now on that note I must go!

Goodnight all.









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