Jan. 20th, 2017

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11:40pm: Yes indeed! And I was planning to upload some of the photos I took, but I got caught up watching Roger Federer kick the butt of Tomas Berdych in the Aussie Open and now my laptop's touchpad has decided to act weird on me, so even though I've downloaded the photos I can't resize them, which really needs to be done because they're super huge.

Anyway! Good news! Despite the fact it was kind of rainy today Mum, Dad and I were still able to go to Cockington Green, and although Mum decided not to go in with us Dad and I had a great time in there! I haven't been there since I was like 3 or 4 years old and since that time they've added a whole new section of International minature models of things like Manchu Pichu and Petra. I got quite a few photos as did Dad although he needs to send those to me.

After Cockington Green we continued onwards to Aunt Chris and Uncle Lawrie's place where they were taking care of a number of their grandkids (and step-grandkids), but they have a big house so it wasn't too crowded or anything. We had lunch which was a BBQ, which was very delicious although I was sad to see that the salad contained no iceberg lettuce! It seems when Auntie Chris bought some pre-cut lettuce at the supermarket it didn't include it - uncool lettuce people, uncool.

Then it was on the road to Sydney once more, and it looked like the rain was going to follow us, but fortunately it let up and once we got into Sydney the traffic wasn't too awful except for a brief bit on the M5 - which I think is known as the shittiest road in the city.

Anyway, I best wrap this up since like I said my mouse is being an ass.

Hopefully I'll have more details for you tomorrow.

Goodnight all!










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