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11:28pm: There's not a lot to say about it probably, since all the competitiors have to wear white, but they've got a Frenchman playing and his got a bushy beard! LOL I've never seen a tennis player with a beard before! Actually that seems to be an athlete thing, I know body hair is the enemy of swimmers, divers and cyclists, but you don't see other athletes with them either. Hmm, maybe it's all the sweater.

In other news, I'm relieved to report that I've managed to get through a road block in my fan fic! I've been stuck on it for the past few days, but finally some inspiration hit. Yay, go me!

So I didn't end up updating yesterday after all because that's how I roll, but let it be said, it was a great get together for my cousin Mack's birthday. Some of his maternal cousins were there, who I don't think I've met before, interesting people.

I had a cheese burger with chips on the side (I also put the lettuce that was in the burger on the side, because who wants warm lettuce? Why is that a thing anyway?) Very nice, although the cheese could have been meltier, it's hard to find good cheese.

Mack liked the Google gift card my little bro and I got for him - which reminds me I forgot to give the little bro my bank details so he can pay me back, whoops! - and the card I made. I drew Mr Burns in his "Excellent" pose since we enjoyed the play.

Aunt Jo made a rather interesting cake with caramelised apple and...I'm not sure what else, not chocolate though, because my aunt doesn't cook with chocolate. But there was dollop cream to go with it so yuuum!

Plus let's not forget the fact I took a paid day off work, so yay!:O)

Anywho, it's ten minutes to midnight now, so I better go, I've got work tomorrow at 9:30am and I need to make sure I get the proper amount of zzzs.

Wish me luck with my story and goodnight all!










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