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11:25pm: Or have your father bring them out - as I've mentioned previously he does love to buy various stuff with the Aussie flag on it - cups, plates, clothes, etc. Even socks! I wore a pair when I went to work for Mrs S, a nice touch I thought! I briefly considered wearing my Australian flag shirt, but I decided not to risk it in case I spilt something on it or something.

I ended up being a bit longer at Mrs S's then planned - usually on a public holiday I do two hours, but because the weather had still be crappy yesterday - it was very nice today! - they hadn't been able to set up for the guest who was coming for Australia Day.

I was a bit worried because my friend was coming to the party and I thought it'd probably be awkward if she showed up and I wasn't there to hang out with! Fortunately, I got back in time although she came with her parents and seemed fine talking to other people when Mum called me in to help bring out food or whatever every so often. :OP

My friend's mother brought along a lammington cake, which was absolutely delicious! :OD As was the mini-sausages, and Australian shaped patties - with the accompanying bread rolls and the salad. Although there was a lack of beef...Dad said it was because Australia got rich off the sheep's back - although that doesn't explain the pork sausages. :OP

As I said, the weather turned out way better than forecast, it was overcast, but no rain, so yay.

And the party ended in time for me to see the start of Roger Federer's quarter final match! He ended up winning in straight sets so I actually missed the end of it because I drove home at the end of the second set and made a quick detour to take a look at the street where the other apartment I'm planning to inspect with Mum tomorrow is. I'm a bit worried because not only is the street narrow as Hell, there wasn't a parking spot to be seen! O.o Maybe that was just because Australia Day, but if I do go for that one what am I meant to do if there's no parking spot?

Ah well, it's a bit late to not go to the inspection that's set up tomorrow at 5pm, although it sounded like it was kind of a general inspection. I still think it might be worth looking at an apartment on the same street that does have a car spot, but Mum thinks two is enough for now.

Hmpf, I still feel like I should go sooner rather than later because you snooze, you lose and all that. Plus, the landlords look set to sell their apartment, which means they'll have money to do up the Granny Flat and will want the place measured and shit. Even if I was the neatest person in the world I don't really like the idea of random people just wandering through my living space.

So, we'll see what happens! In the meantime having seen how late it is I've got to haul ass to bed!

Tomorrow's going to be busy so wish me luck in all my endeavours!

For now, goodnight!









Australia Day

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