Jun. 3rd, 2017

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11:18pm: Yeeeessss! After work today I went over to M and Grandpa's place so M and I could play Canasta together and as you can probably guess from my subject title, I won! Yaaaaays! I have to admit I was greatly assisted by the first hand. I shuffled the cards, but I still ended up with all the wild cards - necessary for making Canastas, so I was like way ahead. But! M is known for her fight backs and she got awfully close to beating me. :O) Gotta keep on your toes.

Moving on, not a lot to report, I didn't update yesterday because I've fallen into this one day on, one day off thing, but I'm pleased to say despite feeling rather lazy I got off my butt and went to the gym, good for me! Oh! And it went well with the pyschiatrist who gave me some more tips and I've also arranged to to see him in three months rather then the six we've been doing. :O) With any luck I'll be able to work on my anxiety and cut down on the panic attacks. It would appear that I naturally breath a little faster than is normal, which makes it rather easy for me to start hyperventilating, which is the enemy of the panicky person. So I really should work on that...I need to listen to my mindful breathing app before I go to sleep. Although I neglected to do that yesterday because I got distracted by a fanfic - although not mine :OP I'm still working on it though!

I ended up going to be late though, which isn't doing my eyelid twitch any good, it's still going a bit...and I can't sleep in on Sundays since I go to church in the morning. So yes, better not stay up too late, even though I didn't get to watch my house shows this evening because I needed to watch the Bridget Jones' Baby DVD I got from the library, I was going to renew it because it's due tomorrow, but someone's got a hold on it, so...But I managed to do that so everything's coming up Moose! :OP

Right, on that note, I better be off (gawd, I've fallen way behind on the memes again, gotta do something about that). My one regret is I didn't get a chance to go ice skating...and also that I need to get my blades sharpened, man, it's such a long drive out there.

Guess I'll have to wait for next week.

Oh! And I almost forgot, whilst I didn't stay over at the M and Grandpa's, I did have dinner there, Grandpa had made spaghetti mince so we had pasta with a salad. Delicious!

For now, I bid you all goodnight!










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