May. 23rd, 2017

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11:12pm: Whoops, I haven't updated for a couple of days, which I totally didn't plan on, but I have a good reason! I've been writing a fan fic! It's going pretty well so far and man it's been while since the good ol' writing bug hit me. It's nice! Also in surprising news, I've actually plotted this one out mostly, which I usually never do, I hope it will actually work.

I kind of wanted to post it as soon as I finished the first chapter because I'm excited, but I put out a general ask on my Tumblr about it and one of my mutuals felt that it's better to have the story completed, just in case you want to change something in an earlier chapter. Plus, if you're going to do a chaptered story you probably should have it finished, in case you never do finish it. Nothing worse than an incomplete fan fic and I do actually have a couple of those myself. I mean I know how they end and all, but anyone who read it? Well I'm sure they're most disappointed. So get with the program, so let's hopefully avoid that.

Anyway, moving along, it was a good night hanging with my parents last night, well mostly with Mum since Dad usually turns in at like 8pm, we watched Have You Been Paying Attention?, ah so funny! I think I'll head over there on Monday nights, especially since after next week I'll be able to go to the proper bed in the spare room. Heh.

And it's getting late, and I really need to get my ass to bed as soon as Cold Case ends, because I've been staying up too late the last few weeks after watching it. So I literally need to be lyind down and ready to turn the lights out.

Not much else to report today anyway, although I did get some cleaning done, it's not quite to Mum's standard so I need to finish up that tomorrow before the Scripture class.

I've also let the deadline pass for that library job, but I'm not too bummed, like I said I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have got a call. I've applied to so many jobs in my life and to be honest I don't feel like wasting time apply for one I just don't have the skill set for. I am supposed to be applying to some jobs though, come on Moose get off your ass.

For now though, I say goodbye!









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