Apr. 8th, 2017

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11:48pm: Not much and that's even taking into account that I didn't update yesterday! Man, I really need to get a hobby or something? Although, I'm now reminded that I used to do Memes...which would explain what took up a lot of my entry space beforehand.

So, yes not a lot to report, I didn't go ice skating today after work because...well, I was feeling kind of lazy, also last night I stepped on something and cut the bottom of my toe and it was still feeling rather uncomfortable. I have no idea what I stepped on, I'm a bit worried that it might still be stuck in the wound like a splinter or something. I gave it a clean and poked at it and it seems OK now. I wonder what it was...I can only assume glass, although how it got all the way over to my fridge from the bathroom is a mystery!

What else? Oh! My Uncle Sam phoned me to invite me along to a Simpsons Trivia Night! How cool! It's all part of the play that we're also all going to called Mr Burns. The Trivia Night is in the first week of May so I've put that into my phone, it's in the city and I hope that we can all drive in together although I guess I could get in there using public transport.

Speaking of the Simpsons, I seem to have lost my Marge Simpson glass which is super weird because...my place is still clean so I can't figure out where it could possibly have gone! Maybe I put in the dishwasher or something. A mystery to be sure.

Right, it's almost midnight so I best wrap this up, hopefully I'll bring the Memes back tomorrow (or maybe not hopefully depending on your opinion of that :OP)

Goodnight all!









Marge Glass

Reach for the laser with Antic's Sims-ulator!


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