Feb. 22nd, 2017

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11:22pm: In more ways than one, for example I'm already starting this update way too late to write as much as I want about the cruise! I have however began compiling a photo album on GooglePhotos, you can view it here! There's still quite a few photos missing though, I'm not sure why some of them haven't been saved into the Cloud - especially considering the app used up all my mobile data! Seriously! I'm most irritated about that. I thought I told the app not to upload unless I was using wi-fi. So now I have to pay extra this month, how annoying!

Anyway! Today it was back to work with Mrs S, I had a great time telling her about the cruise and showing her the photos I took. Also, the new working arrangements seem to have been sorted out now, although I do need to go for an interview with the new people, I called and left a message telling them to get back to me on that, but they didn't. I guess I'll have to give it a go tomorrow.

Right, I've let myself get distracted as usual and now I'm seriously short on time, I hope you weren't waiting with baited breath for the next installment of my cruising adventure. But hey a good writer builds suspense...or something, LOL.

After finishing with Mrs S I went to Mona Vale to get a new rainbow beach bag - and not a moment too soon, I bought the last one in the shop! I also went hunting for a swimsuit, but I've totally left it too late in the season...having said that I'm not sure any of the shops there even have swimsuits in the peak of summer. Makes me miss that swimwear shop in Dee Why, that was a good place.

Then I went shopping to get more food after the fridge disaster, although I did forget a few things, do'h! Have to fix that tomorrow. And I think I'll have to clear out the freezer too...the defrosted fish doesn't bode well.

Anywho, I better be off! Don't worry I promise I'll write more about the cruise tomorrow, in the meantime though check out the photo album, I'm quite proud of it. :O)

Goodnight all!









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