Jan. 2nd, 2017

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11:29pm: Which is the channel with Letters & Numbers and the ice skating on it! I think I mentioned that I was able to pick it up when I plugged my aerial directly into the TV, but I also can't record from that (what's the deal with that anyway? Why would you want a TV that doesn't let you record stuff directly into it? Bloody annoying). I went to Bunnings today to discover they'd all ready taken all the Christmas stuff away and there were no suction cup light holder thingies available, so instead I bought a ready to plant flower and this connector cable since I thought I could two of my cables together to make it longer. However, it turned out I already had a longer cable, so I need to return it. But my Blu-ray/HDD player still won't get SBS even though it gets all the other channels. Bah! I shouldn't need to buy an entire new player just to get a channel?

I suppose I could ask the landlord if he can get SBS on his TV and if not see if he might call in the antenna man - which he was going to do when I thought the antenna outlet didn't work in here at all. Although, he might not do it for just one channel.

Anyway, moving on from my TV technical woes, I ended up having quite a busy day. After work with Mrs S, where my cupcakes were well-received by her husband, I to pick up the ingredients for lasagna that I was missing as well as some milk and fizzy drink for Mum - who saw me driving to the shops and since I planned to go over to the parental place for a swim - I agreed to get.

As it happened, we didn't get to go swimming after all - boo - although I'll be going over tomorrow after work at the library and popping by the Mall to get bath towels for Mrs S and Mum says we can go swimming then. We better. :OP

In other news, the Fed-Ex is back and at the Hopman Cup! He won his round against the guy from Great Britain (it wasn't Andy Murray), but the match between the ladies is taking longer than expected, which is no good for me, because afterwards there's a mixed doubles match. I've never seen Roger play any sort of doubles before and it would seem I probably won't this time either since it's coming up on midnight and I can't stay up too late. Guess them's the brakes, but seriously, even when something happens in Australia time zones can get in the way!

On that note, I shall wrap it up here, once again making no attempt to catch up on Memes, I gotta start updating my journal earlier, because I seriously miss them!

For now though, goodnight!










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