anonymoose_au: (Plushy Goes Eeeee!)
2017-02-27 11:37 pm

And We're Back!

9:56pm: Yeah, the cold decided to come back with avengence yesterday - I had to call in sick to work at the library, I didn't go to church and I tried to see about calling in sick to work with Mrs S today, but it was too late, fortunately I feel better today. Although, I didn't get as much sleep as I hoped I would staying over at the parental units' house because Dad was coughing up a lung! I hope he went to see a doctor about it...

Also, I didn't realise Mum had indeed put a top sheet on the bed so I was sleeping under the doona and it was waaay to hot under there.

Anyway, let's get back to it!

To the Pines! )

Right, better haul! I have to work tomorrow (I don't usually, but the other lady can't do it, and hey extra money), so sleep is needed!

Goodnight all!









Good health

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