Feb. 25th, 2017


Feb. 25th, 2017 10:34 pm
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10:03pm: Aw man, I think I'm once again going to have to take a break in proceedings regarding the recounting of the cruise (man, I hope I don't forget all the fun things I did! :OP) because this cold is kicking my ass.

The good news, the sore throat seem to abated.

The bad news, we have entered the runny nose part and I forgot to buy tissues when I went to Aldi today - also ice cream, but tissues are way more important and it's way too late to do anything now except go to the 7-11 up the road but I'm not up for that. I may have to use a roll of toilet paper.

I did manage work today, although I forgot to bring my security pass so when I arrived I had no choice put stand in front of the window near the after-hours return chute until one of the other staff members saw me. And...of course it had to be raining (it had been raining since last night actually - it might still be doing so now, but I don't feel like checking). Which reminds me I better find it and put it in my bag now.

Right, done!

I also had a period of time today where I couldn't find my cruise ship pen! I thought maybe I left it at Mrs S's house so I SMS'ed her, but nope so then I was left worrying that it had fallen out of my bag at some point.

Turned out it was on my bed. Man, I gotta keep better track of stuff! I was almost late this morning to work anyway because I couldn't find my car keys. Sigh, major fail.

Also, with the runny nose situation I had to nix the cupcake making - I mean maybe if I was making them just for myself, but for other people?! That's a food-safety violation of the highest order. Shame though, I bought the double thick cream and butter and everything.

Anyway, I better wrap this up and go to bed - I'm a bit worried about work tomorrow afternoon, since when I have a cold I generally feel grossier the more the day gets on...I may have to skip church so I can wake up late although I'm not 100% sure that'll make a difference.

Right, I'm out.










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