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10:20pm: Yes, it's the men's final tonight, but because time zones are an ass, I'm hardly going to have a chance to watch it, because I need to go to bed very soon because tomorrow is a work day. What a bummer, because it's the Fed-Ex up against the Joker, Fed has been on fire this competition, can he win Wimbledon again or will the Joker make it back to back wins? I know who I'm backing though, go Roger, go Roger, go! Perhaps it's better I don't watch, my guy never seems to win when I watch, LOL.

In other news I'm concerned that my sitting habits could be leading to unpleasantness, just before I went out to the gym today my lower back area the one that's been sore lately started twinging quite badly, like little spasms and stuff. Not good, not good at all. I really must be more careful with my posture, if I hurt my back with the carer's job I've got, I'll be pretty stuffed.

But hey I got to the gym and did my swimming so that was all great and I even headed off to the Aldi up at Forestway hoping that maybe they'd have long sleeve shirts in my size, but no dice. Although, I did notice while looking at them they're made in Bangledesh, which is a bit of a worry since apparently the clothing factories there have the worst working conditions of all - which means they've got to be pretty horrible.

And, dang, I've just seen the match doesn't even start until 11pm, boo, damn you England why you're time zone got to be so out of synch with Australia? Not cool.

Moving on, let's have a meme or two since I'm falling a bit behind here...

Booking Through Thursday


What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever read?

Hmm, interesting question...and I'm not sure how to answer it! I don't really read "beautiful" lyrical books, I tend to like straight-forward writing. So, I really don't know! My memory is failing me, how embarrassing.

Follow Friday Four Fill-Ins

The statements:

1. I hate going to the dentist because they always seem to put the chair too far back these days and also that fluroide stuff is horrible.

2. I want more hours of sunlight and less bloody freezing in the mornings!

3. I have regifted nothing from anyone that I remember, because that's how I roll. :OP

4. Sitting on my butt is the secret to my boring life. LOL.


Hard Time

1. What’s the story of someone you know who has spent time in prison? Who do you think I hang out with? :OP As far as I know I don't know anyone who's been in prison so N/A.

2. What is the most official trouble you’ve ever been in? I got sent to the Principal's Office in Year 6 and also had the Principal come and give me a telling off in person that same year. Damn that was not a good year for me discipline-wise.
Oh wait...I forgot, I once had to go to the police station and give a statement in regards to the time I accidentally backed into a car and then drove off without leaving my information after waiting for half an hour. They also called my father (since the car was in his name) beforehand which gave him quite a shock. Bloody awkward.

3. What’s the last program you binge-watched? Well, I watched the documentary Russia: A Journey with Jonathan Dimberley last week - although there was only five eps so it wasn't exactly a binge watch.

4. What would be good prison nicknames for a few people you know? Uh, I ca't really think of any honestly, I don't actually know what passes for a prison nickname!

5. Of the usual prison jobs (library, electrical shop, laundry, cafeteria, gardener, clerical, etc.), which would you ask to be assigned to? Feel free to be creative! Library! Library! Damn son, I'd almost commit a crime just to do that - no no, I'm kidding. Don't report me. :OP

The (Other) Friday Five

These questions were written by kennycreeper.

1) If you had to eat nothing but CEREAL for a week, what types would you eat? Damn, I do enjoy my Balanced Right but every meal for a week? I'd probably have to bring in some Honey-Nut Crunch, Komplete and what the Hell let's have some Cocoa Pops

2) Have you ever bought candy/cereal/snack JUST for the PRIZE inside?
Nope because I don't think we have that here in Australia.

3) What is the earliest you have ever been drunk? N/A

4) Name one thing you have taken apart and could NOT put back together. Hmm, scratches head...I'm not sure to be honest, not much of a take-things-apart person.

5) Three musketeers or three stooges? Never watched either, but I like the sound of the Three Musketeers more.

And on that note, it's time for me to hit the sheets, just as the Roger wins the first game, come on Roger keep it up!

I hope to wake up to good news, for now, goodnight!









Fed-Ex Hopes

Reach for the laser with Antic's Sims-ulator!


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