Jul. 14th, 2017

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11:25pm: Nope, not at all...I stayed up too late last night like a dumbass and also the night before...so yeah, I'm very sleepy, which sucks because the Fed-Ex is playing his Semi-Final tonight and I can't watch it because it's the second one and the first one is definitely going to go to four sets. Balls :OP

I did a least get to see a shot of the Fed-Ex hanging at the Player's Restaurant watching the action. LOL, he's cool as a cucumber. But seriously, I can't believe I've hardly seen any Wimbledon this year?! I don't remember it being such a problem previously? Although I have noticed they don't seem to be reshowing games in the day time...it's probably all on the internet now, bah!

I'm also feeling pretty bummed about Le Tour, I can't get into it without Phil Liggett, it's just not the same! I wonder is he gone from commentating races all together? Is it all just interviews now? Which incidentally I never see on SBS even when I tune into the start of the coverage!

I'm also struggling a bit with my story...I'm tossing up between skipping this particular event all together, it's technically not that important to the plot and can be referred back to in later chapters or whatever. Decisions, decisions. Maybe I should skip it and see how it goes, LOL, guess my Tumblr friend was right about not posting until you've finished writing the story.

Oh yeah! That reminds me, yesterday after finishing work at the Mona Vale Library before heading for my volunteering I bought a lined notepad and put it in my Bamboo Spark and got around to trying it out. And it worked! Hooray! I was a bit worried because the pad has 90 sheets and the manual recommended only 50. So I'm hoping that'll be useful for my writing.

But anyway, I have to be off since like I said I underslept and it bit me in the butt, starting from this morning when I woke up turned my alarm off and fell back to sleep for another half hour! I was a bit late to Mrs S's which I've been doing a lot lately, stop backsliding me!

Also my tiredness led to me skipping the gym this afternoon, sigh. I expect better from me, LOL.

So yes, I bid you all goodnight!










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