Jun. 30th, 2017

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11:28pm: So for the past few days I've continued investigating tablets and I thought to myself, you know what, maybe I should buy one of those cheap 7 inch tablet they have at Officeworks, it comes in all sorts of different colours and I could use it for apps and type my fanfic on this laptop etc etc.

Except, I kinda forgot the main problem with that tablet, it's got some weird shit going on with the screen, like...it's weird? It's got this kind of glare to it and it's nearly impossible to hold it at an angle that doesn't cause it to look weird. It's not easy on the eye at all, boo.

So, now I have to take it back...again, not that they know I bought one before, but dang what a waste of time, grumble grumble.

I think I'm just going to go back to looking at second hand tablets, or see if I can get the old Motorola to work properly in the meantime, damn thing's so slow these days. But it's not like there's not enough storage on it, very strange...Maybe that's just how it goes.

Right, what else to report - well, I got an email today from Mona Vale with a whoooole lotta shifts for the upcoming months! Wow, what luck! I can take all of them pretty much...except for the two I'm already working, LOL.

In less good luck, it would appear the library job that I'm going to apply for was originally advertised only internally...I don't remember seeing it, do'h! So now it's being externally advertised, so there's gonna be a heap of applications. Of course, I'm going to call the contact person and let them know I'll be apply and so on, although there is one concern...namely that one of my co-workers who I was working with today had rang up to ask about the job and it sounds like they want someone who'd be willing to do Storytime for the kids. It's not a necessary part of the job description yet, but ewww.

Also I wonder how the days will work out? Plus it's for Manly Library, which is interesting, I wonder why they didn't mention it it in the ad. Eh, whatever.

So time is running short so I better wrap this up - but I need to remember to call a few people on Monday, namely the HR Department about claiming some of my gym membership, I keep forgetting to do so and I need to know if the GST needs to be on the thing or what.

Also, I should call my friend! I saw her in the library today actually, but we didn't have enough time to talk, but I've been too much of a hermit lately.

Right, it's ten minutes to midnight and once again I've been late to get to bed so I shall take this as my cue to exit!

Goodnight all!










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