Jun. 13th, 2017

Refund It!

Jun. 13th, 2017 10:55 pm
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11:27pm: So yesterday I decided to buy that 2-in-1 laptop from Aldi because, it seemed like a good idea and the parental units were on board. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but...alas it just wasn't right. In that it the screen was too small, so all the text was tiny and even when I tried to zoom in it just wasn't right. Maybe it wasn't related but later in the night I had such horrible headache, seriously, it was killing me!

Also, the screen flickered when I got on Tumblr and the touch screen wasn't quite receptive enough - although I guess I should have expected that one, it's not top-market after all. So I decided to return it, which is allowed, except there was one small issue...the laptop came with a year's subscription to Microsoft Office so I activated it. I think it might be attached to my email now...which means even though I've returned the computer the next person who buys it won't be able to use the subscription! I did go to the Microsoft website to try and sort it out, they told me not worry , though I'm not sure that's true.

I feel bad about that, I gotta say. Maybe I should look into it again tomorrow.

Aside from computer related sheninigans yesterday was a good day! It was a public holiday so I didn't have to get to Mrs S's place until 9:30 and then I finished early and went to the parental abode for lunch with the parental units and the little bro. Not only was lunch delicious, the little bro had some good news, not only is work going well, he's decided to quit smoking. Yay! :OD It seems to be going well for him so far, so fingers crossed that goes on.

I spent the night at the parentals so Mum and I could watch our show - it's a hilarious topical game show, ah we laugh so hard.

Which makes me bummed that for the next two weeks I'll be watching it on my own because Mum and Dad are off to Japan to visit the big bro. Sniff, them's the brakes I guess, I'm sure they'll have fun, I'm not sure if I mentioned but they'll be doing some tourist stuff like going to an onsen.

I really should get going because it's ten minutes to midnight and I've got work tomorrow! I had work today actually, because Mrs S said her other carer wanted to meet me and that I should probably show her a few things and also to help rearrange a room...although the whole room thing ended up being a bust, LOL. Anyway! She was nice and actually said we should meet up sometime because she likes cooking Peruvian food (she's from Peru too) which means I could try it.

And lastly, the fanfic is still going, although now I wonder, if I write the whole thing before I start posting it do I posted it all at once or what? Please advise.

Right, now I really have to go.

Goodnight all!










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