Jun. 11th, 2017

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11:24pm: Which is making me think I must have long term sleep-deprivation or something, it's rather concerning to be honest! Obviously I'm not time managing things properly! Although I'm really starting to wonder how I managed to write and keep up with my reading all those years ago. It's not like I wasn't working at all or anything...I guess I have to blame Tumblr there's so much going on on that thing. Perhaps I need to accept if I skip a day I won't be catching up :OP

Moving along, not much to report, except I didn't manage to go ice skating yesterday! I thought I'd have enough time to go and get my skates sharpened and get back to the Mall, but as usual things took longer than expected. So, I'm thinking of going tomorrow instead...otherwise it'll be getting on to three weeks since I've been! I'm also seriously considering just leaving my skates at the rink to be sharpened off-site, because all that extra travelling to the skate shop probably adds up in time and petrol costs.

In other news, I keep buying things and then returning them, for example today I went to Officeworks looking for a stylus, which I got, but I also saw these small tablets for sale, they came in different colours and I though the green one would be a fine replacement for my old tablet (that thing is slow as shit now a days), but alas it had crappy screen resolution, so I took it back. I probably expected too much from a $66 thing. LOL.

I should just accept my Bamboo art tablet, it's a bit small and weird to draw on something and have it show up on the laptop screen. Either that or try and find a different tablet, but eh, the decent one's are still pretty expensive.

Anyway, I have to head off because even if I do get to start work an hour later tomorrow because of the public holiday I really should endeavour to catch up on my sleep, unless I want to keep this eye twitch thing, which I totally do not.

And that's all I have to say about that. :OP

Goodnight all!









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