Jun. 9th, 2017

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11:12pm: Yep, I was hoping the weather people had dropped the ball on their predictions (it happened a couple of weeks back) but nope, it looks like it's going to be a very wet weekend. To which I say boo, because I wish to go ice skating and I probably need to get my blades sharpened which means driving and I'm a little leery about driving in the pouring rain. Especially since some of the roads I take are prone to flooding with this sort of weather, I guess I'll just have to cross my fingers.

Also...the weather was deceptively clear when I got home from doing some shopping today (after finishing up at Mrs S's place) and it was sheet washing day so I put them on and headed for the gym. However, a little over halfway through my work out it started absolutely bucketing down! So I had to do some creative sheet hanging because I can't put them on the line. Which is bad news because I don't have any room anything else so no clothes washing today...I really hope I can get everything done and dry by Monday.

What else to report? Well, I did briefly buy a Bamboo Spark which was on special at Aldi - it's been there for a while and it looked interesting. I have a Bamboo One but it's weird to draw on because you can't actually see what you're drawing on the thing itself, it appears on the laptop screen and it's a little disconcerting. When I got the Spark home though I discovered there's an app for tablets and smartphones that lets you draw on the screen and it's free! The Spark is a little weird...in that you actually draw on paper with a special pen which then sends the strokes you made to an app, so there's still a bit of disconnect. Plus it was sixty bucks, and I'm not meant to be spending money on extraneous stuff, so after the gym I returned it.

The only downside to the app is that my phone screen is too small for it to really work properly and my tablet is a bit too old - on the other hand it could just be the stylus I'm using...might need to check into that. So I might just have to stick with the Bamboo One after all that. Pft, fail.

On the fan fic front, I'm most relieved that while working at Mrs S's today I found a way to move the story forward, phew! I was getting bogged down and the headache I had last night wasn't helping at all. Of course, having a story idea while working isn't very helpful because I couldn't write it down, but patience is a virtue, or something. :OP

So, it's getting late and thus I better head off, I only have one other thing to report...the handle decided to break off my regular sized pot, do'h! Now I need to find a new one, but should I splash out and buy a new set of pots? Or just replace that one? Any advice on this matter would be appreciated.

And now I shall be off!

Goodnight all!










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