May. 8th, 2017

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11:09pm: Which usually means I have to restart my laptop because I've tried going into the settings when this sort of thing happens, but I haven't been able to figure out what the deal is.

Anyway! I have exciting news! I finally did it! I went to the Aquarium shop in Manly where Dad used to buy his betta fish and got a nice greenish one whom I have called Fishenko. He's swimming around happily in my tank as I type. I am a bit worried that the heater and thermometre I put in there will start floating around, they've got suction cups on them but they don't seem to be suctioning like they're supposed to. Very rude.

Moving along, what else to report? Not much...I did finally remember to call the podiatrist and make an appointment, it's for Thursday at 11:30. Hopefully any issue with my orthodics will be fixed there, since like I said I feel like they might need to be readjusted, although my hips feel better now, yay!

Beyond that...not much going on in Mooseland, tomorrow though I need to apply to some jobs, because Mum's getting on my case about that and if I'm ever going to live in the apartment I'm planning to spend decades paying off I need the dough! I may have left applying for the secretary one a bit too late though...because I suck like that.

Annnd I was meant to do some Memes...but the mouse issue makes that a pain in the ass and it's a bit late to start on any right now, so I'm gonna do the lazy thing and skip it.

Oh and in closing, I'd like to thank the people of France for not fucking themselves over and electing the crazy ass right-winger. Although as I understand the guy who won doesn't actually represent a party...which seems to be quite the oversight when he has to fill 500 positions! How's this gonna work, seriously? France's political system does confuse.

Right, I shall be off now! Goodnight all!










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