May. 3rd, 2017

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11:14pm: From a young Australian tourist who went to Colombia, bought what she believed were sets of headphones from someone she met there and apparently didn't find it weird that they were given to her in black plastic bin bags secured with sticky tape.

To no-one's surprise (I'm sure) it turned out that each of these 18 packages contained not just headphones, but cocaine.

Now, it's possible that's just a really bad cover story and she did know, but if not I have no idea how anyone couldn't have been suspicious of something wrapped like that, it's the international symbol of "DRUGS ARE IN HERE"

Yaaawn, well I let myself get distracted and now it's on twenty minutes to midnight and I didn't get nearly enough zzzzs last night! Which might have explained why my digestive system was still being an ass. However, that might have had something to do with having to do the Year 2 Scripture Class by myself today! Fortunately, Mum gave me instructions on what to do and it went quite well, nice kids (with a few naughty ones, but none really bad) but still kind of nerve-wracking! I kept forgetting what to say and "um-ing and ah-ing" the whole way through. The career of a teacher is so not for me! :OP

However, I totally need to find myself some more hours...Dad and I met Mum at the office to sign the contract for the other studio apartment - the last one in fact! - and whilst the due date for the stamp duty resets itself (thank God because I had to pay that $650 fine today!) I'll need to be actually employed full-time (or equivalent hours) to be able to live there!

There is a part-time receptionist job that looks interesting, mostly afternoons, but it also seems to want someone who can fill-in when others are on annual leave or whatever - which depending on the day would be difficult...Plus there's one full-day on Friday - but Mrs S did say that if it was just one day I could change one of my three days so I could do that. Although...she did seem to forget that this morning when I spoke to her about it so I was bit worried :OP

But yes, let's not get ahead of oneself - I haven't even applied, LOL!

That in mind though, I'll need my wits about it, so now I shall be off to bed!

Goodnight all!










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