May. 1st, 2017

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10:17pm: Well, I've finally heard back from the Office of State Revenue regarding the ticket I got for driving unregistered and they basically told me "Tough shit, pay up".

Fuck me...$650 down the drain. That's basically the cost of flying to Japan, seeing Plushy at a show (in a good seat no less!) and the flight back!

Not to mention like three weeks worth of savings for the apartment stamp duty and two and a half weeks rent. So yeah this is money I can totally spare.

They really need to put this shit on a sliding scale, because this a HUGE amount of money for me, whereas for someone else it'd be a bit of an inconvenience...I get that it's supposed to be a fine and everything, but they could be reasonable. :O/

The one saving grace of this whole mess is that at least the cop was nice enough not to give me a fine for being uninsured as well, otherwise I'd be looking at having to pay over $1000!!!

Fucking sucks.

In other news I'm feeling a bit glum because I've just discovered that one of my Tumblr friends now hates Yuri on Ice aka the figure skating anime. And now I'm a bit uncomfortable because I still love it and repost lots of fan-art of it on my Tumblr...I kind of want to say something to her over Twitter about it, but I have no idea what to say. I mean...I hope she doesn't look down on me for still liking it, but I don't even know? Plus she seems to have like valid reasons for not liking now I'm questioning my own taste? But I don't know.

Well, we both still like birds and Plushy so I should stop being so dramatic, perhaps. :OP

And then there's been a huge blow-out in the real life figure skating fandom, which has caused a mass exodus of fans of a particular skater from the forum I visit every day. Man, I've never been involved in a fandom breakdown before. Not a pretty sight, let me tell you. It didn't involve Plushy though! (Although...I am reminded how I find out ages after the fact how the original Plushy fandom kind of imploded way back in 2006 when some of his original fans decided to be jerkasses and ended up hating the very person they once idolised! It was total BS...and way worse since you know, they were is actual "fans" rather than haters).

That was an unnecessary ramble there...

On the upside, I got my flu shot today! My arm is a bit sore, but the doctor was very nice and when I told him I was a disability worker arranged for me to get the shot for free! Also, I got my new script for my anti-depressant, except...they always give you five I'm not going to need one when I go and see my psychiatrist later, which will no doubt cause all sorts of confusion.

Anyway, I better be off now, since I got up earlier than usual today. Poor Mrs S though, the bathroom issue at her house has caused a lot of trouble, the original builders of the place seem to not want to take responsibilty for screwing up with construction of the bathroom.

I sure hope that sort of shit doesn't happen in my apartment when (if?) it finally happens?

So yes, on that note, goodnight!










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