Apr. 26th, 2017

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11:41pm: Yes, I am trying to keep a schedule of updating every second day, because...uh...I dunno, I'd rather do every day, but you know me, I get distracted so easily.

So I didn't update yesterday, so today is supposed to be the day, but I've got this niggling headache which hasn't gone away even though I took some Neurofen a few hours ago. Rude! I took two tablets and everything! What's the deal? I am wholly disappointed.

Anyway, yesterday I had planned to do some stuff - maybe even ring my friend up and see her, but the weather turned from sunny to rainy half way through the day and then my eyeballs decided to go all dry and I was just in a whole lot of discomfort, grumble grumble.

That time o' the month is due today so I keep expecting it to sneak up on me any second now, but thus far it is elusive. More rudeness!

But, I did at least get some cleaning done, although it was not to Mum-standard, however poor Mum still has her cold so she couldn't be bothered to tell me off too much, LOL. I shouldn't be mean though, because she decided to go over my resume for me so I could email it to a pharmacy - there's an ad in the paper, which is lacking in any detail whatsoever so I've been procrastinating on it. Then, the case I got for my external hard drive decided to break (man, I'm having no luck with those!) and it has all my updated resumes so the whole updating was being a pain...

So I ended up emailing one of my older resumes to Mum and she sent a new one back to me, I'm not entirely sure about it actually...it seems to break all the rules of resume making I was taught during my years of job hunting. On the other hand, Mum has no problems getting work whereas I flail around so who knows. I had to add more info to it of course and Mum wanted to see it so I still haven't emailed it yet. I should check the Manly Daily to see if the ad is still in there...

What else to report? Not much, I went to Warriewood Square hoping to find some cheap Easter eggs, although like I said they don't leave them on the shelf for very long these days and I had no luck, boo! However! I remembered that IGA had eggs for quite some time, being a small independent supermarket, so after I went out to get a new case for my external hard drive (only 20 bucks!) I went via the one near my gym and there was indeed eggs - or rather bunnies to enjoy, yum! (Although the Red Tulip ones don't seem as good as these days, or at least the smaller ones don't, weird).

Righto, it's getting late now and I need my sleepy times so I shall be off!

Goodnight all!









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