Apr. 21st, 2017

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11:45pm: I didn't get around to updating last night because I was busy telling the Figure Skating message board about the ice skating show and thus didn't have time to do so here!

However! In the world of International Figure Skating there's one last competition left, the World Team Trophy which I was watching tonight and then as soon as it finished I had to make cupcakes for the party tomorrow so I'm only just getting around to updating!

Anyway, it was an amazing show! Even though I didn't get a photo with the Aussie skater after all, he disappeared not long after the show finished - probably because it ran late and as soon as it ended the hockey players came out to practice. But! I did spot him in the new gym area at the ice rink while Mum and I were in the foyer picking up our tickets. I'm not sure about the wisdom of putting a big-ass window in a gym area, like you don't really want perfect strangers been able to stare at you!

They've also added a huge TV screen to the ice rink! How cool! There was a professional person filming the show actually, which is why I didn't take much video myself, because the camera he had was waaay better than my mobile. Although, having watched some of the video back I'm most proud of how steady I held it, go me. :OP

Like I said it was a great show, there were lots of skaters from all skill levels, from tiny 5 or 6 year olds to our Aussie Olympic Skater! There was even a skater who twirled fire! Except, she had trouble lighting the fire sticks, so that ended up being a bit awkward, LOL.

And Brendan Kerry (aka the Aussie skater) and his figure skating friend from the US showed off their backflips, which are always a big hit! I need to upload the video of that to show you all.

There were quite a lot of funny moments too, the US guy even skated a bit of Swan Lake en pointe, or should that be en blade and all!

And I can safely say 'the lunge' is the move of the year, everyone was doing it!

Right oh, I better be off now, I need to get the second batch of cupcakes out of the oven and get ready to go to bed. Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day! Wish me luck getting to my friend's housewarming tomorrow, Mike Pence has decided to visit Australia and if we're unlucky my friend and I will get stuck in road closures (just when you thought the US Government couldn't be any bigger of a pain in the ass).

Goodnight all!









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