Apr. 19th, 2017

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11:41pm: Yeah, I've been doing that a bit lately, but that was because yesterday was rather crappy in so far as I managed to forget that I had a shift at the library!!

What makes it even worse is that I had put the detail in my phone, but I had put the wrong times, so when the alert popped up on my phone I thought I must have made a mistake. I did look in my emails, but there was nothing there saying I had a shift either so I figured I'd made a mistake. At least until I got a phone call at 9:45 asking where the Hell I was!

What makes this worse is the fact that the library has been closed since Friday because of Easter, so the amount of items in the after-hours return chute was totally overwhealming! And I was supposed to be there to help get through it so we could keep on top of it all.

I leapt out of bed, had a banana, showered and rushed to the library, but I was still half an hour late and one of the people who normal work in the back room had had to come up to render assistance.

So I stayed half an hour later to make up for my error, but still how humilating! Plus this is like the third time it's happened! I'm getting worried that I'll no longer be considered a reliably employee and this could mean bad things for my future career (such as it is). Ugh! Seriously me, can't I go fail somewhere else?!

After I finished work at the library I went to Dee Why to return the cruise ship book, I was going to try and finish it but...guide books aren't really meant to be read like regular books so I decided nah, I'd just return it. I took a bit of a walk around Dee Why before going to the library, including the new park which opened a few weeks ago. It was a nice sunny day so I figured, what the Hell. :O)

I did neglect to go to the gym though...which I remedied today after work with Mrs S - which reminds me I need to pick up my game there, I keep being five or more minutes late, which doesn't sound all that bad but honestly I literally live around the corner and surely I can do better!

Anyway, apart from that not much to report- tomorrow though is the ice skating show at Macquarie Centre! Yay! I hope Mum feels all right, she's had a cold and last I spoke to her she was sounding rather croaky, but then it often happens that you sound worse, but feel better. I also have to make sure my phone is all nice and charged so I (or Mum) can take video, I've also realised maybe if I can work up the courage I could get a photo with our figure skating Olympian - Brendan Kerry! LOL, there'd be some people on the figure skating board who'd be most jealous. :OP

But there's other stuff to do tomorrow - I want to go to the gym again - because I won't be able to go on Friday because I have a shift at the library - and there's volunteering at Dee Why before I go to Mum and Dad's place to head for the skating show. That being the case I better wrap this entry up and head for bed! I didn't even get 7 hours of zzzzs last night! Not cool, me.

Right, hope you're all well, but for me, for now, goodnight!










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