Apr. 12th, 2017


Apr. 12th, 2017 11:53 pm
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11:34pm: I did plan on updating yesterday, but I had to get to bed early after Monday's night/Tuesday morning's shocking lack of sleep so I didn't. But here I am today, which I'm sure you're all super excited about :OP

Actually, I do have some odd news, I bought up the idea of paying to go on a trip to Japan to see Plushy at an ice show (and you know, see my big bro and his family) and she seemed totally onboard with it! The downside is...Mum and Dad aren't actually going to be there at the time (I thought they would be, but I miscalculated) or rather there will be a show, but it's like a seven hour drive from where they'll be - or a one hour flight, but I'm not made of money, gee!

Now Plushy will be doing a show in China in August, when Mum plans to go back to Japan after my bro's second child is born and she suggested we could catch a plane via Beijing. Which is all very cool except...Mum's going to be out of the country for a month, which I obviously can't do so I would have to fly home by myself. Which...I don't think I can do...not because I'm terrified of the plane crashing but because I don't really think I could go on such a long trip in an inescapable mode of transport without freaking out.

Also...I've kind of remembered that the other carer is going home to see her family later this year, perhaps in August, in which case it'd make life difficult for Mrs S trying to find two carers to replace!

Aaah, I dunno...what should I do I wonder? Ideally I want to go to see a Japanese ice skating show and go when Dad goes as he wouldn't stay anywhere near as long as Mum would so I can get the plane back with him. Or should I like, suck it up or get something to knock me out on the plane (do they even let you do that? What if there's an emergency?) because hey at least Mum's on board with the idea?

Bah! I dunno.

In other news, I took a rather cute photo of myself in my new Pusheen gear, but the photo's on my phone and I tried posting to Tumblr with it (so I could link to it later here) but it wouldn't post. Ruuuuude. But with only ten minutes to midnight I don't have time so you'll have to wait with bated breath. :OP

And the meme as well for that matter, LOL.

Ah well, you can only do your best.

For now, though, goodnight!









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