Apr. 6th, 2017

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11:37pm: In Equador? I'm watching House Hunters International and apparently in Equador (and other places I suppose?) they don't have regular hot water, they just put heating wires around the actual shower head. Like WTF? I don't even understand how that would work without electrocuting you first time. Seems it must though. Crazy all the same if you ask me.

Anyway, not much to report I got to work at Mona Vale today early...real early as it turns out as I wasn't on today! WTF? How embarrassing! I felt pretty silly, especially since I bought a sausage roll for break time before going in. There wasn't any mini-sausage rolls there, but the owner kindly let me have a normal sized one for the same price!

So, once I discovered that I wasn't on at Mona Vale, I realised that meant I needed to do my volunteering! So it was off to Dee Why Library for that. On the plus side, at least that meant I could return the stuff I borrowed there personally because I'm still not sure if returning them at Mona Vale means they'll get checked in that same day. Because Dee Why Library doesn't let staff avoid overdue fees, which is pretty rude when I think about it...

Anyway, the volunteering went OK, although I don't feel like I got as many selections done as I should have, oh well. Once I finished I popped by the parentals on the way home to try looking for my sunglasses, but no luck. While there though Mum gave me some concerning news about my apartment, the agent had actually called me while I was driving to the library to ask for Mum's number so she could tell here something and I found out what it was.

They hadn't actually got the DA entirely approved by council when they were selling the apartments! So instead of a 15 storey tall building, they can only do a 7 storey one! Which means a whole lot of apartments will no longer exist! There's no word on whether mine will be one of these, but seriously what the fuck? I guess that news article wasn't wrong! Buying off the plan is risky. Now if the apartment does disappear we can get our money back, but I'm most irritated because the deposit we paid could have been in our bank accounts gaining interest. Instead the building company gets it! I've heard about that bullshit before, not cool not cool at all.

So, now I have to wait and see what happens.

On the upside I found my sunnies! I turned out I'd left them in the shopping bag with my new swimsuit - so it was here in my room this whole time! How embarrassing - again! I actually thought about that this morning but I'd forgotten where the bag was...so that was another worry until I found it again. But yes everything is back in hand.

Anyway, it's coming up on midnight so I better haul butt, good news, though, Plushy's grand opening of his skating school went super well and there was cake and everything! Yum! Except now I want cake ;O)

But yes, on that note, I'm out!

Goodnight all!










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