Apr. 4th, 2017

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11:30pm: So, before I headed off to the gym I decided to go outside and take a look for anything that might have caused the broken bathroom window and would you believe...I found it! A golf ball in the grass very close to the bathroom window. Which means the neighbours behind my granny flat were fooling around and hit a golf ball hard enough to smash my window!

The thing is? Why the heck did they not come over and speak to the landlord? They broke a window! Fucking rude as Hell, man. You can't just break shit and not tell anyone.

Of course, I'm not about to head over there and confront them...I did plan to call Mum to find out what she thought I should I do, but I never got around to doing that. And I still haven't cleaned my house! I totally have to do that...I always say that. I so fail.

Especially considering that I didn't even do that much today, in fact I basically did nothing until I went out to the gym. In fact I probably should have done something with myself because I was feeling kind of down in the dumps today, I'm pretty sure I forgot to take my medication which might explain some of that. Still sucked though.

Well, things will be returning to normal soon though because Mrs S's surgery went well and she'll be back home from the hospital tomorrow afternoon! Which means I'll need to go over to help her unpack and then on Friday I'll be back to work as normal. Which is good news, if I don't have work to do I tend to vegetate here in my house too much.

I'm also cheered up by the fact Plushy is apparently planning some sheninigans - his first foray into coaching is apparently going to involve the 2014 Ladies Gold medalist, LOL, Plushy you crazy. Something to keep me interested in competitive skating since he's not coming back himself.

Anyway, I better wrap this up now, midnight is coming and I need to clean the Hell out of this place tomorrow before Mum comes over to check it out!

Goodnight all!










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