Mar. 30th, 2017

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10:26pm: Yep! The World's continues with the Men's Short Program! (Also the Pairs Free Skate, but that's on way too late for me to watch, in fact I think all the Free Programs will be on too late, which suuuuuucks)

The Australian, Brendan Kerry is next up so I'll have to make this another quick update. It's very exciting, he's been doing so well this year, I'm hoping he'll do really well. The competitions been pretty exciting so far, lots of different music, some of it pretty funny!

Anyway, like I said I have to make this quick, not a lot to report today, except it rained and rained hard! After it was so nice yesterday! I left my towel and swimsuit on the line so they were soaked through, I brought them in, but they're still wet...

There was also a Hell of a downpour while I was driving up to the gym, yikes! Fortunately it didn't get as heavy as that at any other time like when I was driving to my shift at the library, because that would have been scary!

I managed to get to the library, but I stepped in a puddle and got my socks all wet which meant I had to take them off, like that didn't suck or anything. Also, we thought perhaps it would be a quiet shift, with the rain keeping everyone away, but nope!

Interjection: Brendan Kerry is skating like a boooooosss! Come on, you can do this and qualify for the Free Skate!

And he has, wooooohooo!

Right, yes, as I was saying we though it was going to be quiet at the library, but nope, everyone decided to bring their kids in after school so it actually became a bit of a madhouse for a while! Fortunately people left in good time so we were able to leave and the rain wasn't too bad.

I did notice that my umbrella (the old one, I still haven't got my little one back from my friend) has little holes in it though, which is not very helpful! I did consider buying another one, but there wasn't anything available, guess I should have expected that.

But, yes all in all a good day and now I must be off, the rest of the Men beckon!

Goodnight all!









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