Mar. 29th, 2017

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11:10pm: Ha ha, no not literally, although that would be nice, no I refer to the Figure Skating World Championships which is out right now in Helsinki Finland! And I'm able to livestream it, hooray!

I've been watching the ladies short program and very exciting news, our Australian skater has made it to the Free Program! Hooray! She really knocked it out of the park, it was awesooooome! Of course, as is common in figure skating the judging is proving weird, some ladies are getting truly unfair scores! Although, I guess I'm not a professional ice skating judge so I'm probably just talking outta my butt.

Although I'm pretty sure even when Plushy got "over"scored he still put on a good show, but I'm sure that's my biased self talking 'cause I'd watch Plushy over pretty much everyone :OP

The last group is about to come on but they have to zamboni the ice first which is why I'm taking the opportunity to update! Not that I have that much to say! Although once again Mum didn't come over to my house after the Scripture classes because it was unseasonably warm today so instead I went over to her and Dad's place with the promise of swimming!

I was rather surprised that we weren't going to the pool at the Retirement Village, but the ocean! I was a bit worried the water would be too cold - I haven't been to the beach this year really and last time I did it was rather cold...

I ended up having to wait for some time before we headed down to the beach actually because Mum's friend Mrs Lampe is back in town (her husband had to have a knee replacement) and she's staying over so Mum and her chatted for a bit, then Mum needed to book tickets to Japan in May to see the big bro and his family so it was like 5pm by the time we finally got to ocean pool! It was indeed quite cool, but I got used to it after a while and it was good times. Man, I haven't been swimming in aaaages.

I was going to stay for dinner, but it's getting darker earlier than usual so I ended up just taking the pie Mum got from the Retirement Village's kitchen (for $10 you get a meal from there) home and heating it up here.

And now, the skating is back on...except the stream I'm using seems to have stopped working! I can never tell if it's because my internet sucks (since I'm an Aussie and all) or if it's because there's a sudden influx of viewers from the US since it's morning there).

Oh wait it's going and the Russians are all in this group so I gotta watch!

Moose out!

Goodnight all!









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