Mar. 26th, 2017

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10:57pm: OK, I might be exaggerating a bit on that, but during yesterday's and today's shifts my co-workers all made mention of my hair. I guess the hair cut I got is super stylish. All the same, it's a bit too short, I really must make sure the hairdresser doesn't cut it that short again, the sides keep falling out of my ponytail and trying to go up my nose! It sucks. :OP

Anyway, I ended up missing out on church today, I was planning on going this morning, but I was too slow in getting up and washing my hair and since I would need to catch the bus there I decided nah. Then this evening I called Dad to see if he was going to the 6pm service, but he's got a stomachache so he wasn't which would have necessitated stuffing around with Mum's car and yeah nuts to that.

However, I did manage to catch the wrong bus, it went the back way and while it was driving along I briefly considered going to church Dee Why (it is Lent after all!), but I'd have to take the bus back afterwards and it just seemed like it'd take way too long. So instead I got off at Narrabeen and walked home, stopping by the 7-11 to buy a sausage roll for dinner.

Not much else to report except I need to head to bed now because I'm getting up like half an hour earlier than usual so I can get my car to the mechanics. I'm slightly worried that my luck might continue to be shit and I'll end up not passing the safety check, but I'm sure I'm just being paranoid about that. I'm still worried about what will happen with the fine...for a brief moment I did think about begging the cop to let me off, but he did say he could have given me two tickets (the other for driving uninsured), but he only gave one, so I should be thankful for small favours. :O/ I'm not very hopeful at all that they'll cancel if for me. Suuuucks.

I should stop bitching now and hit the hay, tomorrow is going to be busy with both Mrs S and the library...wish me luck!

Goodnight all.










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