Mar. 24th, 2017

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11:53pm: Because after nearly a year I've...somehow...managed to lose my Up Move! This suuuucks! And it would seem to be because of my new black shorts! I have no idea why but the magnetic holder thingie tended to fall off them. I'm not sure if it's something to do with the material or what? Anyway, I thought I'd managed to solve the problem after it fell of a few times at Mrs S's but when I got home after a day out in Dee Why (I went to the doctor about my thumb) it was gone! When I looked at the app it said it was last seen in Dee Why at 1:53pm! D:

Of course that doesn't necessarily mean it didn't fall off somewhere else, but after calling Mum and Dad (I popped by their place on my way home to help Mum with her iPhone - even though I don't know shit about them) and having them confirm it wasn't there, I got in my car and headed back to where the app said. Alas, I couldn't find it. Of course...I can only imagine if it did just fall off my pants and land on the pavement someone would have picked it up or thrown it out. :O(

My last hopei s that it might have fallen off when I was in the library or at the medical centre, I'll have to call them both tomorrow, otherwise I'll be ordering a new one from Ebay.

In the meantime I've taken out my old activity tracker from Aldi, although it's taking a while to get the app up and running on my phone since I haven't used it in aaages.

Oh wait, here it goes now.

Anyway, I was in Dee Why because I had to take something of Mrs S's there as soon as I finished work and decided not to go home afterwards - although it was a three hour wait. I spent some of that time, shopping, painting over the scratch on my car, in the library, before going to the medical centre.

Alas, the doctor couldn't tell me what if anything was causing my thumb soreness. Except she was pretty sure it wasn't anything serious. It's really weird though, it only hurts if I physically move it by itself, when the doctor used her hand to move it or even if I did it didn't. Which the doc agreed was some weird shit. All that I can do for now is keeping putting the anti-inflammatory gel on it.

So, I better wrap this up and hit the sheets, zzzzs are needed as always!

Goodnight all!









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