Mar. 23rd, 2017

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11:33pm: Yes! Huzzah! It finally came! I now have a credit card again! Thank the Lord!

The only downside is it didn't show up in the brief period I was home between my library shift this morning and my library volunteering this afternoon, and then I didn't get it until I got home and I'd already been to Warriewood and it was rainy. So...I haven't got Mrs S's $100, which means I really should pop by the ATM tomorrow morning to get it on my way to her place. So, I should get my ass to bed.

Also, my right thumb remains sore when I bend it and every so often that weird buzzing sensation reappears in my fourth finger. I did consider making a doctor's appointment, but by the time I'd finished volunteering I felt like it was a bit late. Plus I bought some Voltaren anti-inflammatory gel and I wanted to see if it did anything before going to the trouble of all that. Although, thinking on it, perhaps I could take the opportunity to get my flu shot so even if the doc can't offer a diagnosis on the thumb it won't be a big old waste of time.

Although I was quite concerned when Mum suggested the other day that my sore thumb could be arthritis! I mean Dad has arthritis in his thumbs, but c'mon I'm not old! Then again, I have no idea when Dad's thumb arthritis started, maybe he was my age. Shiiit.

Oh and I also paid the speeding fine this afternoon and cancelled my Red Cross monthly donation, but what are you gonna do?

OK, and now I better hit the sack! Wish me luck with my thumb and work and all that jazz.

Goodnight all!









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