Mar. 19th, 2017

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11:18pm: On this house show I watch on Sunday night. It's called Flip This House and it follows different flippers (as they call them), but I tell ya the last few episodes have been full of Angry Guys, like all yelling and swearing at each other. Can't you boys just get along? :OP

In other news, I finally remembered to get the box my mother found in M and Grandpa's garage from the boot of my car, although with all the rain that's been going on it hasn't really been that feasible. But the rain finally let up this afternoon so when I finished work and popped home before heading to church I carried it, my cupcake carrier (which I got from Mum earlier) and my box of the first few seasons of The Simpsons (which I'd lent to my Uncle Sam and his family and also got back earlier) into the granny flat.

Mum said there were clothes in the box, but imagine my surprise when I opened it and started to go through to find all these clothes I really like but hadn't been able to find! I have no idea why the ended up in M and Grandpa's garage, among them were my Garfield satin pjs, a few of my favourite t-shirts, a dress that'd been super good for the beach and stuff like that! I'd been wondering where it had got to for ages!

This why you have to be careful where you put things when moving!

Anyway! Grandpa's birthday party was great! Although I was only able to be there for an hour (boo), but I got to see M, Grandpa, Aunt Weed, her fiance Pete, Uncle Sam, Aunt Jo, cousin Mack and my parental units. Good times, good times. Although it was super humid today so that was a bit uncomfortable, good thing I wore one of my sundresses!

Aunt Jo kindly cooked sausages early so I had something to eat before I headed off for work - although as it happened the traffic was good (of course) so I ended up being early. I went to look around the shopping centre and got a call from my friend, Ben inviting me to go to the beach (although it was still pretty cloudy at that time!) but alas I couldn't go. Boo! As it happened the weather cleared up during the day and judging from the photo he posted on Facebook it turned out to be quite a nice day.

Speaking of Facebook photos, some people uploaded photos they took, including the group shot! I'm sure you can spot me. :O) And see everyone seems so tall! I thought my heels were a decent height.

Right, I better be off! I've got work tomorrow morning and I still have my Russian to do before I turn in. Let's all hope my bank card arrives tomorrow! I owe Mum another fifty bucks and Mrs S a hundred (I may see if I can send her that money by direct debit, guess it depends what she wants).

Oh and I almost forgot, I went to my parental units this evening after church (they and Mrs Lampe came so we all sat together) so I got delicious lasagna and salad for dinner. Alas the little bro was meant to come, he also missed the party this morning, but he wasn't up to it - apparently he partied a little too hearty last night.

For now, though, goodnight!










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