Mar. 18th, 2017


Mar. 18th, 2017 11:56 pm
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11:16pm: Yes! The 15th Year Reunion of my class (or more accurately the 16th Year Reunion - we were always a bit late as a class) happened this evening.

Man, talk about a blast from the past! Most of the class didn't actually come alas (so many people live overseas these days, don't know what's up with that...), but a smaller number of people was probably best, because these sorts of functions get loud!

Anywho, I was somewhat surprised to find when I put the info in my phone of the location this afternoon and discovered it'd take me a good hour and a half to get there! Which meant I needed to leave pretty much as soon as the ice skating finished! I hadn't heard from my friend Micki on Facebook messenger, which was bad since I didn't have her mobile, so I decided to try and use the call function on it. Which worked, yay! And I found out that Micki and another old school friend of mine, Kelly, were over at Kelly's flat and planned to go to the Reunion by Uber. And as it turned out Kelly lives on the way to the city, so I was able to drive over to her place and join them for the ride in.

I hung out with the two of them at the flat for a bit, which was cool, especially since Kelly found a notebook that our friendship group had written in way back in Year 12. Man, memories! Although we all still look the same, LOL!

So we got the Uber in a bit late - the Reunion started at 5pm, but we didn't actually leave until closer to 5:30 at which point I wondered what the likelihood would be that everyone would remember my name, but I wouldn't remember any of theirs! (Because that's a serious issue of mine, LOL) My friends agreed they might also have this problem! The Uberdriver suggested we make a game of trying to guess, although as it happens, Micki won quite easily. I had lots of trouble because a number of classmates had dyed their hair, so their faces looked kinda familiar but I didn't even have their hair to go on!

But of course, everyone seemed to remember me (like I said, beats me why! Perhaps it's the loud voice - although one of the people there theorised it was because I walked home every afternoon past the rest of them at the bus stop so I was burned into their memories or something LOL). My two friends and I mostly stuck together but we did end up talking to most people, although there were a few I didn't get around to, ironically one was perhaps the only person's whose names I remembered! Ah well.

However! In what was probably a sign of my impending old age, I found myself feeling pretty sleepy by the time the reunion officially end at 9pm. Most of the group moved to a pub next door, I went with them initially figuring that Kelly and I would catch an Uber back to her place, but she was planning to stay out quite late, whilst I also have grandpa's party and work tomorrow! So, I decided to leave, except I had only brought $10 along! Well, $13...

Micki though, gave me twenty-one bucks (I need to shout a meal or something when she gets back - she lives up in Queensland at the moment) and I was able to get a taxi home - I wasn't sure I'd be able to set Uber up on my phone properly without a valid credit card. As it happened, I totally miscounted and told the taxi driver I had $38 to get me back to Mosman from the inner city, so I was quite embarrassed and worried when I got back to my car and only seemed to have $30! The taxi driver was nice about it, but still...however, when I got up and out of the car two dollars fell off my lap so in the end I was only 70 cents short, phew!

But, yes I got in my car, drove back her and arrived a little after 10pm, so good time was made.

Right, I better wrap this up, it's nearly midnight and I do need to get up tomorrow. I'll hopefully have the group photo from the night to show you all tomorrow.

But now, goodnight!










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