Mar. 14th, 2017

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8:00pm: I'm watching RBT which reminds me of the segment on the show we have here Have You Been Paying Attention? (man, when's that coming back, I love that show), it's actually hard to tell sometimes who's over or under. Some of them are just really bad at English so are very confused by the instructions, which isn't all that surprising because when you actually listen to them they use some odd language. "Expel your breath through this device..." Like what the...?

Anyway, I'm updating early tonight because I have to go to bed sooner rather than later - no joke this time because I need to get to Mrs S's an hour and fifteen minutes earlier than usual because she has to leave at 9:35am to get to a doctor's appointment.

This mean I need to get up an hour earlier too, which means I need to get to bed at...calculates...10:30 accounting for time taken to get to sleep. So yes, can't let time get away from me too much, as it so often does once 8pm comes around. :OP

What else to report? Well, my bank card still isn't here, which really, really sucks, I'm really hoping it gets here tomorrow, otherwise I'm going to have to go to the Mall and take some money out at the actual branch because I have about 50 cents in my wallet after going food shopping today. And I didn't even get cucumber, boo.

Hmm, these guys on RBT have interesting stories...the guy on right now had to take his goat to the vet! Also...apparently if your roadside test indicates you've breathed over the limit and they take you to the station or the booze bus they put you handcuffs! That seems a bit harsh.

What else...nothing much, except I've just looked at my emails and my Pusheen stuff is on the way! Hooray! I was starting to worry I'd sent money to the wrong account! I wonder how long it'll take to get here? If it arrives before the bank card though...'s left me thinking if I should get another bank account or something so in this sort of situation I'd have a back-up. Only thing is...another bank account means bank fees and what money would I even put in there? I guess I could check if my ING Direct account has a card. I don't think so though, I'm pretty sure it's just an interest saving account.

What can you do?

Well, I'll tell you want I'm gonna do I'm going to get my dinner! I dilly-dallied in putting it on so it's only just ready now.

Right, I'll be off, wish me luck tomorrow with the early rising! At least I'll have more time to clean up my bedroom!










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