Mar. 11th, 2017

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11:18pm: Or it did, it's finally starting to settle down, but gee did it suck...stupid knee pain. I really should book that appointment with the podiatrist, I think I've mentioned before that the last time I kept getting leg pain and whatnot it was because they weren't right for my gait anymore.

Anyway, I was rather annoyed because I couldn't think of any reason I should have a sore knee, it's not like I went ice skating or anything this afternoon, but haven't said that, work at the library today was an absolute madhouse! There was a Union Picnic Day yesterday and the library was closed. Seems that everyone in the whole suburb had decided to come along and return their books! The chute was utterly full, books spilled out and some where jammed in the top of the slots. We have two large blue trolleys to get books out, we had to use both of them twice and even though we worked hard there was still quite a bit of shelving left to do for tomorrow's shift, including me, LOL. No rest for the wicked indeed!

Now, my friend (not the one who's gone back to Wales) and I had discussed getting together this afternoon, but after the busy, busy shift I didn't really feel like it. It turned out she'd been in Mona Vale earlier that day and had SMSed me. But I SMSed back suggesting we get together on Tuesday - since that is my day off - or maybe next Saturday (don't know what to do about ice skating though!), although I haven't heard back yet.

Not much else to report aside from that, although I managed to leave the book I was reading at the library and I was just about finished too, boo. Ah well, at least it's given me the chance to finish up the other book.

And now I'm watching the Amazing Spider-Man movie, I never did see this one...that Lizard is creepy as shit. Also, Andrew Garfield reminds me of someone with his hair and I've just realised...I'm pretty sure it's our top Aussie male skater! Nice, he and some of the other Aussies were on the SBS figure skating highlights today, although they didn't show their whole programs, I'm disappointed. One of them did skate to my mother's mobile phone ring tone, seriously so bizarre.

And now, I shall be off! Goodnight all!










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