Mar. 10th, 2017

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11:25pm: Damnit, despite having cleaned the kitchen sink and whatnot any time I leave something out that's not completely rinsed and cleaned off a hoard of motherfucking ants invades! Now I guess this just means I should clean everything up, but I did rinse it pretty well...and my dishwasher was full so I couldn't put the saucepan in there.

Also, I'm most annoyed by the fact my ant baits don't seem to be working. Although...maybe they've just run out stuff, I think they only last for three months and I've had them for longer than that. Or maybe I should try and get the spray...

Except, I haven't got my card yet, so right now I only have fifteen bucks or so to my name at least until the bank card arrives or I go to the bank to withdraw cash. Except, I don't think I'd be able to get to said bank, it is open on Saturdays' but I'm pretty sure if closes before I finish work.

Anyway, I'm sure you don't really care about ants...but I don't have much more to say...except I made a bit of a mistake today when I was doing the laundry - I forgot about my car key in my pocket so it went through the machine! No wonder there was so much noise! I think the key has survived, the little light on it still goes off when I press the buttons. Also, I have just remembered that unlike my mother's car key I can still use this one like an actual key so even if it is dead or the battery is screwed up I can still get in my car to drive to work tomorrow!

Speaking of which, I've totally stayed up too late this week which is really no good for me, so I should actually get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight! And this time I still have to finish up on my Russian before I turn in! So...

Goodnight all!










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