Mar. 8th, 2017

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11:32pm: I got an SMS from my bank this afternoon saying that due to suspicious activity my credit card has been cancelled and they need to send me a new one! Well shit. I have no idea when it happened, I called the number in the SMS (rest assured it was not a scam) all the recording on the end would say is that a suspicious transaction had been done online, but they couldn't say what said transaction was for. Which worried me a bit because I did pay that parking fine online yesterday...but when I went online to check my account, that particular transaction was still listed as having gone through, so I assume it wasn't it.

But who stole my card information! And how can I stop them doing so again? If it was an online thing is there something on my laptop that let them steal it? I have a Virus checker on my laptop, but these guys seem to be really good at finding weaknesses.

Suffice to say, I should probably but my card in one of those RDIF defender things so they can't phish me while I'm out and about. Although I'm not sure if I actually need to buy one or if just a regular thick paper sleeve will do. I guess I'll see what the net has to say.

In further not so good news, the get together with my friends today was cancelled. I'm seriously glad now that I went to the get-together on Saturday! But I'm rather bummed for my other friend, I'm not sure she got to see the other friend very much at all. :O(

Anywho, the is a bit of good news, namely that I got my kitchen and bathroom cleaned up pretty well and passed Mum's inspection after Scripture class today. Although, she did help me out a bit I have to admit, now I just need to make sure I keep the kitchen and bathroom clean, come on me, you can do it!

And now, I must head off, bed is needed, I managed to not get enough sleep last night, do'h.

Oh and after the bummer of my card, I ended up buying myself some Pusheen stuff from an Aussie shop (reasonably priced postage for the win!) and paid by direct deposit since I didn't have a credit card number, LOL :O) I wonder how long they'll come to arrive...

Goodnight all!









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