Mar. 1st, 2017

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10:22pm: Yes, I finally realised how to rotate a video on my phone...with the edit button! Duh! No idea how I missed that, a bit embarrassing to be honest. I've been wanting to put this video on my Cruise Album on Google Pics, I think I mentioned it before? I couldn't find that edit option on my phone before, so I uploaded it because when I searched how to rotate videos it told me you could do it on Google+, but when I did that I couldn't find any way to do it. But! Turned out the option was on the phone the whole we'll get to the later.

But I should update about some current events since I've been slacking on that too. I'm rather excited to say that I've caught up on the Back to the Future comic books! I ordered issues 14 to 17 from Kings Comics on Friday and they arrived today, which was a good idea if I do say so myself because that way I only had to pay for one lot of postage. Of course, it does mean if I'm going to do that I'll even more behind than usual (Australia's all ready behind with comic books). The "Who is Marty McFly" arc was a good read although I got confused at some points, like I was missing something, LOL. I figured it out in the end though so perhaps I didn't miss anything after all. :OP

Aside from that, not a lot of excitement in the life of Moose - although today I started the process to join the new provider Mrs S is going through, which is good news, because she's leaving her old one at the end of this week and if I'm not signed up I can't get paid...or you know actually work. The only pain in the butt was the fact I left the paperwork I need (first aid certificate, police check etc) at home so I had to go from Mrs S's (which is just across the road from the providers) to pick them up so I ended up a bit late for said interview. But it all went pretty well in the end, so things should be good to go next Monday.

And finally, today is Ash Wednesday, I wasn't able to go to any of the morning masses, so I had to go to the evening one, unfortunately I misread the start time so I was at the church a whole half an hour early. Whoops.

Oh and today marked the first day of helping Mum with the Catholic Scripture class, which went pretty well considering how had to haul a heavy-ass box of books to the classroom.

And now...back to the Cruise! )

Phew! This turned out to be a super-long entry and I better not stay up too late tonight, so I shall say goodnight!









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