Feb. 21st, 2017

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8:39pm: Wow, it's been forever, hasn't it?! My plan to update on Sunday 12th before the ship left port never eventuated! And even though I did get the wireless internet package for the last two days of the trip I was on my phone so I didn't update then either!

Anyway, there's so much to report! So many photos have been taken! I'm not sure if I need to actually upload them or what because I think they might be on my Google drive...Goes and checks...

Hey, it is! Nice. Although they don't all seem to be there, I'll give it another go, and perhaps I can link to them. Because uploading them one by one will take aaages. Although I'm trying to upload some now and they don't see to be going? That's weird how some do and some won't.

The First Three Days )

But, there's way too much to talk about in just one entry! But I have to say...in typical Moose style after being unsure about the whole cruising business I was so sad to leave the ship this morning! Sad enough that I cried on and off throughout the day - which as you all know is never a good idea for me...suffice to say I'm tired with a bit of a headache right now.

Also, I kind of hoped to stay over at my parents place - even though I don't actually have proper clothes for Mrs S tomorrow - because of course now that I'm off the ship I'm feeling kind of dizzy! - but Mum insisted I come back here to the Granny Flat. And when I did after dinner I discovered...that my fridge door had somehow being left ajar! FUUUUUCK! I knew the watermelon and lettuce I'd left were going to be pretty much gone when I got back, but without the benefit of cooling it was putrid in there. Fuuuuck. Not a fun homecoming and I don't even have cold water for my trouble! Sigh! And then I found that the fish in my freezer had defrosted as well! (Although the ice cream is still fine, so...good news there I suppose)

Anywho, I better go since despite generally getting more than enough sleep on the ship I didn't last night so I need to get to bed sooner rather than later.

Wish me luck tomorrow settling back into real life!

Goodnight all!









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