Feb. 9th, 2017

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11:23pm: Because it seems to defeat the purpose a bit? At the moment I've been reading books from the "Adult Summer Reading Guide" which was put out by the libraries and on the front cover of it it lists the dates 1st December to 28th February. There's a competition to go with it, however I just noticed as I was filling out the card to enter that the closing date for it is tomorrow. A full 18 days before the 28th! What's up with that? Apart from anything else it means I have to rush to finish reading so I can enter, although I have to say the book I'm reading at the moment is extremely interesting so I'm getting through it at quite a good pace. However, I still have to speed read a book I've previously read so I can fill out a row on the Bingo Card! Which strikes me as somewhat dodgy, but I did read a few other books on the card so i feel like it evens out.

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out what to do with myself tomorrow afternoon - it's set to get quite hot indeed and I'm not sure if my air-con will be able to handle it! The parental abode may call again, since I have to go over there anyway after work to drop off my suitcase, which the little bro will be taking along with all the other luggage and Mum and Dad to the city on Saturday.

I'm relieved though that the time I'm meeting my friends at one of their houses before going on to yet another friend's house for the birthday get together has been moved to later on Saturday. This means I'll be able to make cupcakes after I finish work at the library before the time change it looked like it would be a very close thing indeed - or that I might not be able to do it at all.

Apart from that, not much else to report, except that I didn't end up getting my hair done because I had to do my washing a day earlier than usual since there'd be no time to do so tomorrow. I managed to get it all done though, even my sheets because the rain has disappeared once more so I was able to hang them on the line and they dried.

Oh and I also got to the library for my volunteering, always a good thing, plus there was some cupcakes there because the refurbished work on the upstairs study area had been finished and so was re-opening. Yum!

After that I went hunting one last time for a swimming costume, but, I guess it ain't gonna happen. I think the black and white flowered one will be OK.

Right, it's getting late, so I better get a move on, sleep is important after all.

Goodnight all!









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