Feb. 8th, 2017

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11:29pm: I may have mentioned this before, but after the high fatality rate after a fire aboard an aircraft, psychologists decided to test how people would react to needing to escape from a smoke-filled cabin by offering them five pounds. And it worked o.O! People were willing to shove other people over and climb over seats for five pounds! Now I know this was back in the 80s but that's pretty cheap. I'm not gonna knock people over for that much. Like I said up there in the subject title I'd need about five hundred, they wanted you to actually step on people and stuff.

But, cheapskates or not, these tests did have an effect and the changes made to the interior of planes now makes it easier to get off, even if there is a huge amount of smoke, just remember to leave your luggage behind!

In non-air crash investigation related news, I am terribly disappointed to report that I managed to procrastinate too long on apply for some library jobs and now they've closed! Shiiit. I feel like an dumbass! I was somewhat surprised thought that when I confessed this to Mum she told me not to be too bummed, and that the library in question was probably too far away. Now that is true, but still! Also, it was the library M worked at way back when! Not that I think that would have to me an in, but you never know. :OP

Anyway there's still two other jobs that I can apply to - or three if you include the fact that one has two openings, or possibly four if I get a call back from this Library Management company place I signed up to long, long ago which sent me an email about a position that became available! (I think I saw it on the job sites, it's in the city so I'm not sure how easy it would be to get there...) Although all of the aforementioned would mean giving up work with Mrs S and I think only one of them is permanent. Bloody lack of job security and lack of permanence seriously what is this bullshit?

But! with all this going on I better wrap this up here...although note to self, I need to look in to getting my hair cut tomorrow, it's getting a bit long and I imagine it will be very expensive to do on the ship! I guess I could ask Mum about it. I was thinking it'd be nice if my hair looked good for my friends' birthday party on Saturday, although since I'll have to get my hair cut tomorrow I'm not sure if it'll last that long...

Ah well, I've have to figure out that tomorrow, for now bed!









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