Feb. 7th, 2017

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11:35pm: Well this is weird, usually I get a sore knee before that time o' the month...but not this time. Man, it's quite sore and I have no idea where my knee brace has got to.

Moving along, today was the interview and I'm not entirely sure how well it went...I think I spoke way too quickly to be honest, I was a lot more nervous than I thought I would be. Man, I borrowed that book on being assertive, but I hadn't actually looked at it which you know...was not a good idea I suppose.

Also, I'm a bit concerned that if I do get the job I'll have to leave Mrs S, because it looks like they'll want me to come in on Monday mornings, and I don't think Mrs S would go for another change in days and times, especially not if she's going with this new agency. That wouldn't be so bad I suppose, except it would mean I'll just end up with the same hours I all ready have instead of more! But maybe they'll be flexible? I mean it's five hours three times a week, which I can do even if I do work in the mornings, because I finish by 12:30 and the library closes at 6pm, so if I get there at 1pm...

Oh well, they're hoping to get back to people in the next week, which is a bit bad for me because I won't be here! On the other hand, it is Council, so who knows how long they'll take. :OP

Anywho, it's late now and I have work tomorrow so I must be off! I will say one thing, the weather has turned around completely! It rained heavily for most of the day...although it did at least let up on my way to the interview.

However, I did manage to break the bottom of my umbrella! I think I've managed to fix it, but damnit, this happened to the last one. I really hope this one keeps it together. I don't wanna buy another one, they're expensive. :O(

And now, I'm off, goodnight all!










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